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Marriage is the union of two people becoming one. Their personal, legal, and medical lives are intrinsically woven together, and sometimes that leads to questions you wouldn’t usually think about, such as married health insurance.

Do I need to think about changing my health insurance after marriage? Will I lose my health insurance if I get married?

These are questions that may arise when you discuss married health insurance.

What Is Mine Is Yours

When two people are married, many things become shared, including health insurance. In fact, married health insurance is often the best option if only one spouse is employed and both individuals are in relatively good health. Many employers offer spousal health coverage at a discounted premium compared to individual health insurance plans.

However, not all employers offer health insurance, and even fewer allow spouses on existing health insurance, which includes married health insurance plans. Plus, if you or your spouse have chronic health conditions requiring more comprehensive care, you may need more coverage than the other, making a shared plan ineffective.

When looking for married health insurance, you want to weigh the pros and cons of being on your spouse’s plan or seeking out individual coverage.


Spouse-dependent insurance is reliant on your spouse. If the union is broken, the insurance stays with whoever is the policy owner. When you enter your spouse’s insurance plan, there are a few things to consider.




Individual insurance plans are specific to the policy owner. The premiums can often be higher than a spouse-dependent policy, but it depends on your needs compared to what your spouse’s insurance can offer. Plus, if the marriage ends, your policy will not be affected.



Where Can You Find More Options?

If you are thinking, “will I lose my health insurance if I get married?” The answer is no. Health insurance, especially individual policies, is unique to the policy owner. Changing health insurance after marriage isn’t necessary if you are happy with your current policy.

In fact, marriage can even open you up to getting affordable health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as marriage is considered a qualifying life event.

Qualifying Life Event

A qualifying life event (QLE)  is an event that triggers a special enrollment period for ACA-compliant policies through your employer or marketplace. These are some of the events that are considered a QLE.

With a QLE, individuals can enroll in ACA-compliant policies regardless of open enrollment status. This makes it an excellent time to find a new policy, add your spouse to your policy, or join your spouse’s policy.

But how do you know what kind of insurance you need? How do you navigate the marketplace or find an affordable policy through the Affordable Care Act QLEs? Should you enroll in married health insurance and share a plan with your partner? Or is it beneficial to seek out individual plans so chronic health issues can be addressed?

Your Plan Insurance can help. Our licensed agents can help you navigate QLEs and the ACA. We can help you find married health insurance or individual policies through the ACA, giving you the knowledge to make an informed decision that benefits your health and your spouse’s health.

If you have questions about ACA-compliant policies, married health insurance, or spousal coverage, or if you are thinking about changing your health insurance after marriage, be sure to get in touch with us immediately, and one of our licensed agents will answer any questions.

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