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It can be challenging to find health insurance as a single parent. Making sure both you and your children are covered is paramount. At Your Plan Insurance, we are committed to helping you find the best possible single-parent health insurance that brings peace of mind to your family and your finances.

Where Do You Start?

For many looking for single-parent health insurance, the most challenging part is knowing where to find the best single-parent health insurance. For some people, especially the inexperienced, this can be easier said than done. Our experts at Your Plan Insurance have done the hard part for you, compiling the most common forms of single-parent health insurance.


Done through the ACA (Affordable Care Act), Medicaid is a government health insurance plan based on your level of income. While the qualifications can vary depending on your state, Medicaid could be the only single-parent health insurance that won’t hemorrhage your wallet.

While being pregnant can increase your chances of qualifying for Medicaid, health insurance for single dads is also available and should not be overlooked.

Your Parent’s Health Insurance

If you are under the age of 26, you may be eligible to remain a dependent on your parent’s health coverage. Being attached to your parent’s health insurance can be a boon to many single parents, but remember that the cut-off age is 26. If you are older, it might be wiser to pursue other options. Your parent’s health insurance also covers only you, not your child, making it insufficient if something happens to your child during that time.


The Children’s Health Insurance Program is another government-based, ACA-supported health coverage that can be free to low-cost health insurance based on income. It can provide coverage for you and your children, capping service costs for medical treatments at 5% of a family’s income.

Medicaid and CHIP can provide affordable health insurance for single moms, and at Your Plan Insurance, we make the process of finding the right insurance plan easy.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance can be a sigh of relief for the month-to-month saver. It provides relatively cheap insurance that does not last too long and can alleviate the stress of trying to find health insurance for single moms. However, it is worth keeping in mind that short-term health insurance offers less comprehensive coverage than individual plans while seeming like a good option.

Make the Call

Remember to weigh your family’s needs when deciding which single-parent health insurance will benefit you the most. While you could go to the ACA website, Your Plan Insurance and its affiliates are dedicated to ensuring the jargon is explained in a way that best suits your preferred retention method.

Single-parent health insurance is about protecting you and your child. It is about preserving your foundation for a better future. Imagine single-parent health insurance as a wall covering your foundation from unseen and unpredictable forces.

At Your Plan Insurance, we eliminate those unpredictable forces by helping you find the best single-parent health insurance possible for your budget and your family.

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