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If you have ever asked, “are physicals covered by health insurance?” you’re not alone. Many individuals covered by health insurance are unsure if their physicals are covered by their insurance plan.

Every policy is different. Most policies cover preventive care, while others charge for diagnostic care. As a word of caution, always confirm any policy information with your insurance company. If you have further questions or are uninsured and looking for healthcare coverage, the experts at Your Plan Insurance can assist you.

Preventive Care vs. Diagnostic Care

Preventive care is for healthy individuals who want to prevent future health conditions by getting regular checkups. Diagnostic care is when you visit a doctor’s office looking for a diagnosis of an existing or recently acquired condition.

Most policies cover preventive care but not necessarily diagnostic care. So, if you are wondering, “does health insurance cover physicals?” the answer is “maybe.” Again, you should always consult your policy before making any decisions.

Preventive Care

Most policies cover a flu shot, as it is considered preventive care. You did not have the flu, but you got the shot to prevent getting the flu. With some insurance coverage, however, some types of preventive care are free, but the service around them is not.

You should consult your policy information or contact a professional insurance agent to verify any exceptions.

Diagnostic Care

Here is an example of diagnostic care: “I hit my head while playing football and went to the doctor to see if I had a concussion.”

When a doctor diagnoses your condition through scans, blood tests, or other methods, it is considered diagnostic care. Not all health insurance policies cover diagnostic care, so you should consult your policy to ensure you are covered in such a situation. Assuming you are covered may lead to a costly medical bill you are responsible for.


Are physicals covered by insurance? Most physicals are preventive care, but it’s entirely possible a previously unknown health condition could be diagnosed during the physical exam. A sore knee, for example, could be just that and not require medical intervention. Or it could be diagnosed as arthritis.

What about physical therapy? How many physical therapy sessions does insurance cover? Physical therapy is a mix of diagnostic and preventive care, as it is a recovery treatment. It prevents further deterioration of muscles and joints while treating complications from physical trauma and dysfunction.

In both situations, you would be wise to consult your insurance policy about the specifics of your plan.

Check Your Policy

When it comes to insurance, don’t ever make assumptions: Always refer to your insurance policy. The policy explains what is and is not covered under your specific plan.

Anyone who is uninsured may ask, “are physicals covered by insurance?” when considering an insurance plan. In that case, we recommend you contact Your Plan Insurance, where our licensed, professional insurance agents can assist you in finding the right health insurance for your needs.

Whether you feel your plan needs to be updated, it no longer suits your needs, or you don’t have insurance, you should get in touch with us immediately so our experienced insurance agents can assist you with whatever questions you have.

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